Part of a family's treasures are its memories. Our family would like to share a few of our most treasured possessions with you ... pictures of our ancestors.

To see an enlargement, simply click on the thumbnail picture and you'll be taken to its original picture. There, you'll also find an e-mail hyperlink to the picture's submitter.

If you'd like to submit pictures of your ancestors, simply e-mail Colleen Pustola, webmistress. The sole requirement is that your ancestor have been of one of the surnames listed in the variant spellings section.


Sometime, when I have become a quiet portrait on the wall,
Will you, my fair descendant, stop to think of me at all?

Suppose your hands are shaped like mine and you have my keen sense of fun.
Will there be one to tell you so...then...when my days are done?

If you love books and fires and songs, and silver moons in velvet skies,
Toss me a look of shared delight from those, my own dark eyes.

For there are kinships in a curl and namesakes in a spoken name;
The wine of life may yet be poured by faded hands within a frame.

--Author unknown



Charles Frank & Gaynell (Ansley) Howell

Winfield Scott Howell

Sarah Margaret (Belcher) Howell

William H. Howell

Vera Myrtle (Howell) Smith

Abner Howell

Frank Smith Howell

PVT James Edward Howell, CSA

Varina Banks (Howell) Davis

Abraham Thomas Howell

Albert Caleb Howle

Unknown Howell

Willis C. Howell family

Ezra Mott Howell

William Decatur Howell, Union Army

Carrie (Peters) Howell

William & Mary Ida (Strait) Howell

Samuel Tillman Howell

John S. & Penina (Gregory) Howell

Debbie Nell (Howell) Williams

  Sisters: Debbie Nell (Howell) Williams & Jeffie (Howell) Terry Samuel Tillman Howell Siblings (L-R): Jeffie, Hattie, Clara, & Ideal Howell  



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