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variants We are very fortunate in this medium of genealogy computering to be able to join together not only across the country, but around the world. Distant cousins are making contact with each other, comparing research notes and discovering that our planet really isn't large, after all.

We are an online, global family of researchers all studying the Howell surname and her variant spellings. At the current time there are over 400 cousins ~ all with the single intent of discussing and researching our Howell, etc. (and variant) lines.

Variant spellings we research:

    Hauel Hawel Hoel Howel Howl Owell
    Haul Hawell Houel Howells Howle Owl
    Hauwel Hawill Houell Howil Hywel  
    Hauwell Hawle Houle Howill Owel  

You should also include the 's' versions of each of these spellings.

Why would we want to research variants, too? Well, early record keepers just were not great spellers, and many times our ancestors couldn't spell their own names. Therefore, the record keeper wrote what s/he heard. It is a tragic mistake to tunnel vision yourself into believing there is only one way to spell our Howell surname. The variants above are there simply because the old records show our ancestors under them, in addition to Howell. It then comes down to a matter of the record-keeper's literacy and your ability to remain mentally flexible when you're unable to locate an ancestor under the usual spelling.

surname history 

surname heraldry



Arkansas 1850 Washington County

Colorado index 1870-1880 (combined)


Connecticut index 1800-1860 (combined)

Tennessee 1820-1900 White County

Tennessee 1860 White County (every name index and transcriptions of all Howell households)


Virginia indexes 1820-1870 (this will take you to a 2nd page leading you to actual, scanned copies of the VA census indexes)


Virginia 1840 Nansemond County


Andrew Howell to Calvin Howell dated 4 May 1844 Grayson County, Virginia

Heirs of William Howell to Andrew Howell dated 8 May 1825 Grayson County, Virginia

Heirs of William Howell to Joseph Phips dated 5 January 1828 Grayson County, Virginia



Passenger & Immigration Index & Sources.

U.S. & Immigrant Arrivals, 1833-1850 to New Orleans, Louisiana


Colorado - Denver land records, 1862-1908

Georgia - 1838 Cherokee land lottery

Virginia - Isle of Wight County land grants


American military casualties of the war in VietNam

Records of Louisiana Confederate soldiers

Individual military personnel records:

Private Edward W. Howell - Company C, 9th Regiment, Kentucky Volunteers


World War 1 Civilian Draft Registrations database containing 781 Howell registrants

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The Ancient and Honourable Order of the Jersey Blues

A centuries-old tree near William Pleasant Howell's family burial plot in Bedford County, Virginia

Allen Farmers Save 1943 Plane Crash Victims: plane crashed on Presley Howell's land, Scottsville, KY. NOTE: This is a copy of the original newspaper clipping and although it has been reduced, it is extremely large (189,637 bytes). Machines using 28.8 modems should expect this page to take 59.3 seconds to load.

William Henry Harrison Howell and Howell's Wonder Salve



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