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What you are looking at is a composite graphic of two pages from the Passenger and Immigration Index. If you have never used this valuable source before, here's how to read it:

Howell, John n.a.; Philadelphia, Pa., 1867 9297 p. 280

In the example above, John Howell landed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1867. His age (n.a.=no age) was not given. The '9297' in the citation is the number to which source was used to bring you this information. It is found in the front of the index and gives you the name of the book this particular line came from. The "p. 280" is the referenced source page number you'll find John Howell's data on. All entries give the same kind of information in the same order as shown in the example.

Sources in the above index are given below:

Source code



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