A Centuries-Old Tree
near William Pleasant Howell's Family Burial Plot
Bedford County, Virginia




"The picture of this centuries-old tree was sent to me by a cousin in Bedford County, Virginia.

"The hollow inside the tree can hold six adults. My cousin wrote that the tree is alongside the cemetery that has the William Pleasant Howell and Franky Wood family from Bedford County, Virginia. The gravesite has been destroyed.

"On the property, the only thing left standing is the old brick chimney. I was told that the Indians hid in the tree and watched William and his sons work in the fields.

"I think it is awesome that there is a living thing still around that my ancestors sat under for picnics. They must have thought enough of it not to cut it down for firewood at least."

 Rebekka Stanley [25Dec01]



Note from Colleen: Since it has already touched the lives of Howell ancestors, this tree will ultimately be placed on our family's cemeteries page at the HRR. There, it will continue to "touch" Howell lives once again. I'm just waiting now until we amass enough cemetery extractions to build a separate page.


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