The Family of Winfield Scott Howell of Louisiana

Winfield Scott HOWELL (born 27 September 1850, where (_?_); died: 22 March 1928; buried Old Bethel Cemetery, Caldwell Parish, Louisiana) married Eliza Jane CURRY (born: 24 August 1850, died: 20 January 1917, buried Old Bethel). She was the daughter of Allen Howell CURRY (born 1788 in Georgia, the son of Richard CURRY [born 1750] and Patience _?_) and Francis E. FARNELL (born 1816). Eliza Jane was one of nine children.1

Winfield Scott and Eliza Jane had six children:2



Essie - born 27 March 1874 Caldwell Parish, Louisiana; died 26 March 1950; married: S. Houston BUTLER; buried Old Bethel



Iva Elizabeth - born 4 August 1879 Caldwell Parish, Louisiana; died 29 January 1905; married 16 January 1896 William Scott HUMPHRIES; buried in Lowe Cemetery, Caldwell Parish, Louisiana



William Ernest - born 27 September 1881 Caldwell Parish, Louisiana; died February 1948; married Pinkey BROUDIN; resided in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; buried probably in Baton Rouge, Louisiana



Maude - born 7 September 1884 Caldwell Parish, Louisiana; died 2 November 1960; married William Stokes HEARD; buried in Hassley Cemetery, West Monroe, Louisiana



Lillie - born 28 September 1887 Caldwell Parish, Louisiana; died 31 May 1969 in Winfield, Louisiana; married John STEEN



Homer H. - born 10 May 1891 Caldwell Parish, Louisiana; died 27 August 1939; married Ruth MARSHALL; buried in Riveriew Cemetery, Monroe, Louisiana

1I have this list with birth and death dates, if needed. This information came from the CURRY bible.

2The information about them was given to me by their youngest daughter several years before she died in 1969.

Submitted by Mary D. Franks 24May2001



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