North Carolina Will Abstracts
1755 - 1770

Each entry shows the person filing the will, county of filing, date of will and date of probate. Also provided is the entire text of the will abstract, often containing many family members including, but not limited to, spouse and children.

Harman Hill

Beaufort County

04 Dec 1752

- Mar 1755


Sons: Harman (land on Callums Creek), James and William. Daughters: Eliz. Hancock, Sarah Rice, Ann Slade (land on Pamplico River), Mary Smith, Rachel Hill. Executors: Sarah Hill (wife), Joseph Slade, John Barrow. Witnesses: Edmund Pearce, Joshua Pearce, Griffeth HOWELL. Clerk of Court: Walley Chauncey.


Edgecombe County

10 Jan 1749

- May 1750


Sons: Joseph, Thomas (land on Herricks Creek). Daughters: Mary, Murphrey and Martha. Wife and Executrix: Margett. Executors: Joseph HOWELL (son), Coll. J. Dawson, Samuel Ruffin, Thomas HOWELL and Joseph Henderson. Witnesses: Jos. Williamson, Jas. Barran, Thos. Barran. Clerk of Court: Benjamin Wynns.

Thomas McKeel

Pasquotank County

03 May 1753

- Oct 1753


Daughter and sole devisee: Margaret McKeel. Executors: Anthony and Charles Markham. Witnesses: Jonathan HOWELL, Thomas Corey. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor.

John Peggs

Pasquotank County

20 Mar 1755

- Jun 1755


Sons: Joseph and John Peggs (one plantation to each, together with a negro). Daughters: Mary and Ann Peggs. Executors: William Davis, John Smithin. Witnesses: Thos. Hamlin, Robart Hosea, Jonathan HOWELL. Clerk of the Court: Thos. Taylor.

Henry Snoad

Beaufort County

20 May 1752

12 Dec 1752


Sons: John Peyton Snoad ("plantation whereon I now live, plantation I bought of John Lane, my silver watch, silver-hilted sword, silver shoe and knee buckles, six silver spoons, silver can, gold sleeve buttons, mahogany desk, gilt framed looking-glass and large china bowl"), Benjamin Snoad (plantation in the Cow-pen Neck, plantation at the mouth of White Oak River on Queens Creek, "my silver-hilted sword that was my father's, six large silver spoons, black walnut looking-glass and all my china"). Daughter: Ann Snoad (plantation at the mouth of Blount's Creek, six silver spoons, silver tea tongs and silver pepper box). Sister: Mary Lane (money "to purchase head stones for her son, John Snoad Lane, who lies buried in my orchard"). Friends and Executors: Walley Chauncey (1 horse, bridle and saddle and one case pistols and gun. To wife of Walley, Aunt Chauncey, is bequeathed 40s for ring), James Bonner (gun and sword), John Hardee. Apprentice: William Oglesby. Witnesses: Samuel Boutwell, Anne Willoughby, Griffith HOWELL. Clerk of the Court: Will. Ormond.

John Ward

Tyrrell County

05 Mar 1748-1749

- Sep 1750


Sons: Michael, John (1 negro and "all cattle running on Little Cantanknee"), David. Daughters: Elizabeth Noble (100 acres of land), Dorcas Overstreet (land lying on Little Cantanknee). Executors: Michael and John (sons). Witnesses: Griffith HOWELL, John Butler, Elizabeth Butler. Clerk of the Court: Evan Jones.

Jonathan West

Pasquotank County

28 Aug 1751

- Jul 1751


Legatees: Lamuel and Hezekiah West, Thomas McKeel, William Woodley, Dinah and Benjamin West. Negroes are divided among above-named. Executors: Thomas Woodly and Thomas Mackeel. Witnesses: Jonathan HOWELL, Isaac Cox, Anthony White. Clerk of the Court: Thomas Taylor.

Samuel Wingate


09 Jan 1770

19 Jan 1770


"Formerly of Cape Fear but Now resident in the Island of Grenada." Wife and Executrix: Alice. Schooner "Charming Peggy" ordered sent to Cornelius Harnet in Cape Feare to be sold for benefit of wife. Executor: John Knight. Witnesses: John O'Donnell, John Mackeand, Elias HOWELL. Will proven before Ulysses FitzMaurice, "Lieutenant-Governor and Commander-in-Chief in and over the Southern Carribee Islands." Proven in North Carolina before William Tryon. Executrix qualified before Frederick Gregg. Impression of head on seal.


Source: Grimes, John Bryan. Abstracts of North Carolina Wills. Raleigh, NC: North Carolina Department of State, 1910.



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