Montgomery & Fincastle Counties, Virginia
Marriages 1733-1831

(NOTE: The original list (in black) was submitted by Ann Thomas. Additional notes (in teal) have been added by Micki Howell-Fackenthal.)

I have added some information to [Ann's] list. My information comes from the Montgomery Co, Virginia records which were copied for me several years ago. I also have added some data that may be of interest and will be at the end of this message.

Before I start there were three known male Howell families located in the same area in Virginia. The names of the very early ones (ca 1765) we have linked together are Benjamin(e) Sr, Joshua, and Daniel. There are records that Benjamine (ca 1740-1799) and Joshua (1745-1836) were brothers but it is highly possible that Daniel (1759-1836) is related also. They lived in the same area but as the Virginia county lines were re-designed the records can read Botetourt, Montgomery and/or Floyd County. Also there will be duplications of the early records which may show up in other surrounding counties. It is necessary to know the origin or the county as well as the date when the county was founded in order to get a better picture. It is also highly possible that there were more relatives but there has been no direct connections made to date.

Benjamine Sr stayed and died in Botetourt/Floyd/Montgomery Co, Virginia. Most of his immediate descendants remained in Virginia except two sons who left to go to the Indiana territory before he died in 1799.

Joshua Sr left Virginia in 1808 to Champaign County, Ohio and then Delaware County, Indiana where he died. His immediate descendants lived in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Kansas and Iowa.

Daniel stayed and died in Virginia but also lived in Grayson County, Virginia. His immediate descendants moved to Illinois and Iowa.


Micki Howell-Fackenthal

All of these marriages that Ann listed were in Montgomery County, VA. I have added two other male Howell marriges:


Daniel Howell married Charlotte Pratt in 1822 in Montgomery Co, VA
(this Daniel is the son of Benj Sr)

Lorenzo Dow Howell married Mary McDonald in 1849 Register A 311/A411/A425
(LD Howell is the son of David Sr and the grandson of Joshua Howell Sr)

Pleasant Howell married Adaline J Akers on Jan 30, 1845 in Franklin Co, VA
(Pleasant is the son of Benj Jr)

Thomas Howell married Delila Wilson in 1820. Register A#170

The following female Howell early marriages in Montgomery County, VA are as follows:


Elizabeth Howell to Joseph Edwards in 1827 Register A#207
(daughter of Benj Jr - Joseph is the brother of Lewis who married Nancy Howell)

Hannah Howell to Conrad Plaster in 1795 Register A#60
Hannah Howell to Conrad Plaster in 1796 Register A#356
(Hannah is the daughter of David and granddaughter of Benj Sr)

Mary Howell to James Dunlapp in 1801 Register A#88
(Is there a connection with Joseph Howell who married Jane Dunlop/Dunlap?)

Mary Howell to Matthew C Bowles in 1806 Register A#111

Nancy Howell to John Helton (Hilton or Hylton) in 1798 Register A#77
(Nancy is the daughter of Joshua Sr and John is the brother to Susannah the wife of David Howell the son of Joshua Sr)

Nancy Howell to John Shealor in 1818 Register A#158

Nancy Howell to Lewis Edwards on June 7, 1832 in Floyd Co
(Nancy is the daughter of Benj Jr - Lewis is brother to Joseph Edwards who married Elizabeth)

Ruth Howell to George Hambleman (Hamblin/Hemblen) in 1800 Register A#87

Sarah Howell to Richard Cole in 1790 Register A#33

Montgomery & Fincastle Counties, Virginia Marriages 1733-1831

Howell, Benjamin & Elizabeth Kendall. Daniel Howell, surety; 12-1-1801
(Register A#92 - Benj Jr is the son of Benjamine Sr. The fact that Daniel was his surety suggests that Daniel is the third brother because Benj Sr. died in 1799)

Howell, David & Jean Allen. Married by Richard Whitt; 10-17-1785
(Register A#339 - this David is the son of Benj Sr)

Howell, David & Susanna Hilton. Married by Richard Whitt; 1789
(Register A#346 -Susannah Hilton-Helton-Hylton is the sister to John Hylton who married Nancy Howell. This David is the son of Joshua Sr)

Howell, David [N.?] & Nancy Carter. John Carter, surety; 5-25-1820
(Register A#170 - this David is the son of Benj Jr)

Howell, David, Jr. & Charlotte Pratt. Benjamin Howell, surety; 8-6-1822
(Register A#181 - this David is the son of David Sr)

Howell, James & Catherine Russell. Married by Jacob Weddle; 11-15-1829
(Register A#382 - possible son of Daniel)

Howell, John & Elizabeth Parkerson. Joshua & Dan'l Parkerson, surety; 1805
(Register A#108 - this John is the son of Joshua Sr. Elizabeth Parkerson/Parkison/Parkinson)

Howell, John & Sarah Rakes, daughter of Henry Rakes. Benj. Howell, surety; 3-2-1823
(Register A#184/A#370 - this John is the son of Benj Jr.)

Howell, John & Oilett Harter. Henry & Dan'l Harter, surety; 1-23-1822
(Register A#178 - John is the son of Daniel and the correct name is Violet Harter)

Howell, Joseph & Jane Dunlop. Irving Dunlop, surety; 1-22-1805
(Register A#84 Jane Dunlop/Dunlap Is there a connection with Mary Howell who married James Dunlapp/Dunlop?)

Howell, Joshua & Christina Mickabell. David Mickabell, surety; 11-3-1800
(Register A#87/A#358 - Joshua Jr is the son of Joshua Sr and it is Miakasell/Mikesell not Micabell)

Howell, Mark & Susannah Helton. Martin Weddle, surety; 12-22-1814
(Register A#149 - Mark is the son of Daniel. It is Helton/Hilton/Hylton)

Howell, Thomas & Sally Stapleton. William Stapleton, surety; 11-6-1802
(Register A#95 -Thomas is the son of Joshua Sr.)

Note#1: There is some kind of "Weddel" connection between James, Mark and ELizabeth Howell - James was married by Jacob Weddel; Mark's surety was Martin Weddel; and Elizabeth married Samuel Weddel. It probably from the original Daniel Howell family. Daniel married (1) Unknown (2) Francis Barlett.

Daniel Howell's children are David who married Elizabeth Burnett; John who married Violet Harter - listed above; Mark married Susannah Helton - listed above; and three other children - two males and one female. Therefore, James who married Catherine Russell and Elizabeth who married Samuel Weddel could be two of the three unknown children listed.

Note#2: Children of Benjamine Sr and Elizabeth (possible-Beest) are David who married Jean/Jane Allen-listed above; Benjamin Jr married Elizabeth Kendall - listed above; Mary Howell; and Hannah who married Conrad Plasters - listed above.

Children of David and Jean Allen are Rhoda; Neomi; Charity married Specklehimer; Daniel who married Charlotte Pratt- listed above; Elizabeth married Hewitt; and Jenny married Hungate/Husgate.

Children of Benjamin Jr and Elizabeth Kendall are John who married Sara Rakes - listed above; Nancy married Lewis Edwards - listed above; Andrew married Frances _?_; Ann; Pleasant who married Adeline Akers - listed above; Elizabeth Howell married Joseph Edwards - listed above; and Larkin.

Note#3: Children of Joshua Sr and Mary Unknown are David who married Susannah Hylton - listed above; Abigail married David Porter, Nancy married (1) John Bryant Hylton - listed above; and (2) William Hancock, Joshua Jr married Christena Mikesell - listed above, Thomas married Sally Stapleton -listed above, Daniel married Phebe Ross, John Howell married Elizabeth Parkison - listed above, James married Abigail Sumpter, Jeremiah married (1) Phebe Priest (2) Huldah Ross .

There are other descendants of Joshua Sr and Mary Howell which I am not listing. I have rather comprehensive information on several of them but in many cases have lost "the generation" just prior to when state records were required thus making it difficult to connect with many of our Howell cousins inquiries.

Original list submitted by Ann Thomas 27May01
Notes added by
Micki Howell-Fackenthal 1June01
Credit is also given to
Carol Collins & Bonnie Gardner for their parts in pulling together the information on this page.






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