Descendants of John Howell of Wales

Generation 1

John Howell b. 1757, farmed Penymynydd, Llanllawer, Pembrokeshire, Wales. Married Martha (surname unknown). John died 1845 in Llanllawer.

Generation 2

1.John Howell b. 1797 Llanllawer, Wales; farmed Penymyndd. Married (1831) Ann Rowlands. Date of death unknown .

2.Thomas Howell b.1799 Llanllawer, Wales; farmed Clyn Farm, Llanychaer, Pembrokeshire, Wales. Married (1823) Lydia Rees. Family moved to Fishguard, where Thomas died of typhus in 1852. Lydia died 1880 in Pembrey, Carmarthenshire, Wales.

Generation 3

1. Martha (John, John Howell) b.1834 Llanllawer, Wales.

2. Rebekah (John, John Howell) b. 1836 Lanllawer, Wales.

3. Ann (John, John Howell) b. 1839 Llanllawer, Wales. She married Joseph George who farmed Trepant Farm. These Georges were related to David Lloyd George, British Prime Minister.

4. Eliza (John,John Howell) b. 1841 Llanllawer, Wales.

6 Marth (Thomas, John Howell) b.1824 Llanychaer(?), Pembrokeshire, Wales. He married John Havard James.

7. Harriet (Thomas, John Howell) b. 1827 Llanychaer(?), Pembrokeshire, Wales.

8. Maria (Thomas, John Howell) b. 1832 Llanychaer(?), Pembrokeshire, Wales.

9. James (Thomas, John Howell ) b. 1835 Llanychaer, Pembrokeshire, Wales. He married Fanny Davies Login(Logan?). After being apprenticed in Fishguard and London, he finally settled in Cardiff, where he had a successful department store. James died 1909 Cardiff, Fanny died 1899 Cardiff.

10. Lydia (Thomas, John Howell) b.1839 Llanychaer, Pembrokeshire, Wales. She married David Griffiths b. Llanelli. The family was living in Burry Port, Pembrey, Carmarthenshire at time of 1871 census.

11. John Howell (Thomas, John Howell) b. 1841 Llanychaer, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Generation 4

1. Thomas Francis (James, Thomas, John Howell) b.1864 Middlesex , England. He married Edith Millard.

2. Minnie Gertrude (James, Thomas, John Howell) b. 1866 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales. She married John Edwards.

3. Lillian Maud (James, Thomas, John Howell) b 1868 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales.

4. James (James, Thomas, John Howell) b.1871 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales. He married Emily Shakell.

5. Fanny Gwendoline (James, Thomas, John Howell) b.1872 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales.

6. Mable Florence (James, Thomas, John Howell) b. 1872 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales.

7. Fanny Logan (James, Thomas, John Howell) b. 1873 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales. She married John Williams.

8. Mabel Elizabeth (James, Thomas, John Howell) b. 1875 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales.

9. John Hugh (James, Thomas, John Howell) b. 1876 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales. He married first, Frances Geoghegan; second, Winifred Stevenson.

10. Mary Gwendoline (James, Thomas, John Howell) b. 1878 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales. She married Frank Edric Murrell. They were my grandparents.

11. Harold (James, Thomas, John Howell) b.1879 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales. He married Susan (Suzanna?) Blythe.

12. Arthur Rowland (James, Thomas, John Howell) b. 1882 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales. He married Margaret Lester Jones.

13 Frederick William (James, Thomas, John Howell) b. 1883 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales. He married Elsie Hopkin(s?).


Submitted by Sally Lloyd 19May2001



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