The Bible of
Mrs. Isabella (Whitworth) Howell
of Forest Part Plantation
Green Wood, Louisiana

Holy Bible, American Bible Society, Philadelphia, William W. Harding, 1864. "Revelation 22:18, 19." Originally owned by Mrs. Isabella Whitworth Howell who received it as a gift from her husband, Zack Howell, Forest Part Plantation, Green Wood, Louisiana.


On the 2nd day of October A.D. 1856 Mr. Zack Howell of Chester So Ca to Miss Amanda W Galbraith of Yorkville So Ca

On the 16th day of May A. D. 1861 Mr. Zack Howell of South Carolina to Miss Isabella F. Whitworth of Caddo Parish Louisiana

On the 8th day of October 1879 Miss Georgia Howell to Mr. T.L. Stringfellow both of Shreveport, La.

On the 11th day of January 1905 Miss Amanda G. Stringfellow to Mr. Samford C. Fullilove both of Shreveport, La.

On the 8th Oct (7) Miss Isabella Adams of New York City and Mr. Samford Christian Fullilove, Jr. of Shreveport, La.

On the 9th day of April 1942 Miss Elizabeth Powell and Mr. Howell Hermon Fullilove both of Shreveport, La., Caddo Parish


Georgianna Howell was born at Chester So C. on the eleventh day of January 1858

Amanda Galbraith Howell was born in Yorkville S. Ca on the First day of April 1860

Joseph Whitworth Howell was born in Caddo Parish Louisiana on the Eighth of April 1862

Zack Christy Howell was born in Caddo Parish Louisiana on the Twentieth day of May 1864

Margaret Whitworth Howell was born in Greenwood Louisiana on the Twelfth day of February A. D. 1866

Elizabeth Arabella Howell was born in Greenwood, La. the fifteenth (15th) day of May A. D. 1868

John William Howell was born in Greenwood La. on Tuesday, the first (1st) day of February 1870

Benjamin Edward Howell Born in Greenwood, La. November 1st 1872 Lucy Mai Howell was born in Shreveport La. January 25th 1876

Page 119.

Georgia Howell Stringfellow's children: Bessie, Amanda, Georgie, and Charlie C. Stringfellow

Amanda S. Fullilove's children: Samford C. Fullilove, Jr. July 6 1908, Levert S. Fullilove (died) at 20 yrs. (May 8, 1911), Sept. 3, Howell Harmon Fullilove 1913

Samford C. Fullilove Jr.'s children: Samford C., Fullilove III Dec. 12, 1941

James Adams Fullilove Jan. 14, 1944 in Shreveport, La.

Howell H. Fullilove and Elizabeth Powell, Priscillia Lamar May 23, 1946 in Shreveport, La.


John G. Howell died in Columbia, So Ca May A.D. 1845

Mary L. Howell died in Chester District So Ca Janry 1839

Amanda M. Howell died in Yorkville So Ca the 17th day of May 1860

Margaret Whitworth Howell August 5th 1867

Joseph Whitworth Howell 11th Febry 1863

Elizabeth Arabella daughter of Z and Isabella Howell January 8th 1878

Lucy Mai daughter of Z and Isabella Howell January 8th, 1878

Amanda G. Howell died in Shreveport, La. Oct. 3, 1939-- 79 yrs old

Samuel T. Whitworth in Caddo Ph Louisiana August 11th 1843

Margaret Whitworth in Caddo Ph, November 6th 1862

Isabella Jane Whitworth Howell in Shreveport La March 31st 1896

Benjamin E. Howell in Shreveport, La. June the 23d 1904 - Age 31 years 7 months and 23 days

Zack Howell in Shreveport, La. July 19th, 1911, Born. Oct. 3rd 1833, York, S.C.

John W. Howell died in Shreveport, La. Aug. 27, 1922

Zack C. Howell died in Shreveport, La. June 16, 1937


SOURCE: Bible Records: Volume Two. Louisiana Genealogical and Historical Society Volume Two Bible Records, 1961, pages 114 - 166.





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